The Grand Canyon is pretty Grand!

We left Quartzsite and headed to Congress AZ to stay at an Escapee’s club park there called North Ranch for a week. We get a pretty good rate as members and our friends Marc & Julie Bennett of RVLOVE.COM were there at the same time to attend the Escapee Boot Camp we went to last July. This is a big park with many “permanent” residents. We had a couple of nice visits with Marc & Julie between their work and their Boot Camp classes. It was good to see them again as they were most helpful when we were still pondering life on wheels and they had a lot of helpful documentation and advice on their website and youtube videos. Congress AZ is just north of Wickenburg, the self proclaimed capital of “Team Roping”, and we attended a Team Roping event there which was really cool to see !

We left the rig at North Ranch and headed up to the Grand Canyon for 2 days with an overnight in a motel there so we could see sunset and sunrise. We could have taken the rig, but they had snow on the ground and we didn’t want to chance it. ¬†We had a great time at the Canyon and it was very moving to see it. Many photos from our Grand Canyon visit here.

The Grand Canyon, North Rim at Mathers Point.

We decided to also visit Sedona and would take advantage of a Thousand Trails Park in Cottonwood (about 25 miles from Sedona) where we could stay “free” so we booked 5 day there and headed up. We got there and were setup by 2:30 so decided to take a ride and visited “Old Cottonwood” where we walked the main street, checked out a few shops, and I got a chocolate malted at an old retro burger joint made from an old gas station which even had a 1952 Plymouth Cranbrooke out front. We had one of those in the family when we were kids! From Old Cottonwood we drove to Jerome as it wasn’t far and several people had suggested it was a “not to be missed” destination. It is built on the side of a mountain and is amazing with spectacular views everywhere. We visited an old mine shaft there and drove through town to a scenic lookoff just north of town. Very cool place!

We spent 3 days traveling around Sedona and took hundreds of photos. It is simply amazing with breath taking views EVERYWHERE! Like the Grand Canyon, the photos hardly do it justice, but do give some idea how beautiful it is. Our first day there we stayed until sunset at the Sedona Airport lookoff spot and took in the spectacular views from there. We also climbed the small hill reported to be an energy vortex spot near the airport and enjoyed the views from there. Our third day there when we left we went across 179 and visited the V Bar V ranch Petroglyph area which was really amazing. Another day we visited Montezuma’s Castle (Hopi indian rock dwellings) and Montezuma’s well, a limestone sinkhole where the Hopi lived in caves also. There are nearly 150 photos of Sedona and the Montezuma Castle/Well and the petroglyphs here.

Sedona at dusk, just after sunset from the airport overlook.
Some of the petroglyphs at the V Bar V Heritage site