Texas is a big state!

We left Medina Lake TT on 12/4. We headed to Kerrville to spend a few days with an old friend, David Horn who winters at Buckhorn Lake resort. I had spent 4 days washing and waxing the coach to have it looking great for our trip west but it was raining on the way to Kerrville and there went all the spit and polish… Ugh.

4 days to wash and wax the bus in installments... Of course the ride up to Kerrville from Medina lake it rained and got all crapped up again!
4 days to wash and wax the bus in installments… Of course the ride up to Kerrville from Medina lake it rained and got all crapped up again!

We had a nice 3 days in Kerrville and visiting with David as well as a drive to Fredericksburg to visit the Pacific War museum there and the Admiral Nimitz museum as well as walking around the town and lunch at a nice German restaurant.

Our entrance ticket to the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, TX.
The National Museum of the Pacific War. Well worth the stop if in the Fredericksburg area.
B-25 at National Museum of the pacific war
Norman Rockwell cover of Rosie the Riverter.
Where we had lunch in Fredericksburg.
Jane’s lunch at a German restaurant in Fredericksburg, TX. Excellent!

The next day, David and I went to lunch for “the best hot dog in Kerrville” and then toured the Mooney aircraft factory together. I got to fly a Mooney 201 back from Indiana to NH back in the 80’s so it was cool to see where they were made!

A visit to the Mooney aircraft manufacturing facility in Kerrville TX
Inside the Mooney aircraft manufacturing facility in Kerrville TX with my friend, David Horn.
Kerville Texas… where do you go to get the best “Chicago dog”? Why the Korean BBQ restaurant, of course. My friend David knew many great food joints as he has wintered there in his RV the past 10 years or so.

We left Kerrville headed towards New Mexico, but stopped in Fort Stockton on the way across since it’s such a ¬†huge state! We stayed in Fort Stockton RV park which had a nice little diner in the park where we had a great dinner and reasonably priced too! After a beautiful sunset at 60F, we awoke to 21F and light snow, yes SNOW in the AM! There went another cleaning job on the coach… The flurries were melting as soon as they hit the ground so it was really just a nuisance. But, if you recall we had a problem with our heater core for cab heat and defrosting so we had no heat to throw on a cold windshield. We used our electric heater with a fan facing the windshield to defrost in the morning and ran the generator to keep the heat going as we went down the road until it warmed up. By the time we drove through El Paso, it was near 65F and we made Las Cruces that afternoon after topping off with diesel.

A beautiful sunset from Fort Stockton TX. It was close to 60F when I took this shot, but 12 hours later it was 21F and snowing lightly.

Many many more Texas pics on my photo site.

Fort Stockton, TX
Our site at Fort Stockton RV Park, TX. A pull through so we never had to unhook the jeep, just close up shop in the AM and drive off.
We saw snow in Moncton NB when we picked the rig up in April but weren’t expecting this in Fort Stockton, TX!
Snow on the cactus!
yeah… that’s snow and 21F in Fort Stockton, TX!

We planned 2 nights at Las Cruces to give us a full day to see the White Sands National Monument. On the way there, we went to the White Sands Missle Range and toured the museum and displays there. White Sands was amazing and I even got to borrow a flying saucer from a kid there and take a saucer ride down the dunes! Pretty strange sliding down a mountain on a saucer in shorts and a t-shirt!

My photography app showing our location at White Sands National monument.
Sunset from White Sands National Monument.
Panorama from White Sands National Monument in NM.

More pics from NM and white sands visit here.