Quartzsite Arizona – The annual gathering in the desert – RV Woodstock

We had been hanging out with Michael and Kathy at their beautiful property in Catalina Arizona. When we discussed going to Quartzsite, to the famous RV “Gathering in the desert”, they thought it might be fun to go there with us and see for themselves and their friends Clyde & Sharon decided to join us too! So we all “convoyed” up there (Kathy even found the old “Convoy” song from the 70’s and played it over the CB for us all as we drove up there! We arrived in Quartzsite Friday afternoon and joined the Escapees Boomer group in a place they call “Boomerville” where we “boondocked” or “dry camped” together for 3 days. Boondocking or dry camping refers to camping with no hookups at all – running on battery/generator power and using the 105 gallon fresh water tank.

Welcome to Quartzsite, AZ

We visited the “Big Tent” and shopped around a little. Long time Quartzsite attendees said the big tent used to be “all RV related” items, but now there is tons of kitchen items, personal care items and so many unrelated vendors there… it was a little disappointing. We still had a good time looking. We also walked through an outdoor Gem show which was interesting and visited the famous “naked bookseller” who was wearing a coat that day as it was rather cool. After 3 days we all left the boondocking site. Michael, Kathy, Clyde & Sharon headed for a free 3 day stay in Yuma they got from the big tent, and we headed for a nearby RV park where we would have water and be able to dump our tanks and have a full 50amp electrical hookup. We had planned to meet our friends David & Jo at “The Scenic Road” RV park… actually drove in right behind them to register at the same time. We went back to the big tent with them and shared some great meals together out on the town and in our rigs. Photos of our boondocking adventures can be found here.

David & Jo headed back to Yuma after 3 days but we were at the park for a week. Met some new friends there, and also re-connected with some old friends, Jerry & Gaye Young. Gaye is the National Secretary for FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) and we met them in Vermont while attending the Escapee Rally and Boot Camp last July in VT. It was great to see them again and we went out for pizza at Silly Al’s in Quartzsite.

We also took a day and did a long ride out to the north of Quartzsite to a local intaglio site, then up to Parker where we checked out the Parker dam at the southern end of Lake Havasu, AZ. The dam was cool and I put the drone up just below it for some spectacular photos. We also saw some wild burros below the dam and then headed into California and south to Blythe to visit the famous Intaglios there which did NOT disappoint! Photos from that day can be seen here.

We left Quartzsite after about 10 days and headed northeast to Congress AZ, which is NW of Phoenix about 50 miles.