Out and about in Texas

We booked into the park at Lake Conroe for 2 weeks on 11/6. Our stay is free with our Thousand Trails membership (up to 3 weeks in each park with an option to buy a 4th week). Our friends Dave & Jo have stayed here several times and recommended we check out “The Woodlands” town center area. we took a ride down and it’s a little shopping mecca just on the north side of Houston. On the way there we fueled up at the lowest price I’ve paid for gas in many years!image

So we did check out the Woodlands and it was very interesting, but our big find of the day was HEB, a very large grocery store and part of a large chain. They had so many varieties of everything, lots of exotic fruits, seafood, meats and a huge wine/beer selection including some pretty wild beer labels!image image image image

We rode the free tram around to get a look at the Woodlands and it is impressive. One section has many high end stores like Tiffany’s where it’s common to see six figure automobiles parked on the sidewalks.

Jane has started another quilting project. More challenging for sure in the RV, so she setup “office” outside!

Jane doing some quilting outside the coach in Mid-November.
Jane doing some quilting outside the coach in Mid-November.

We also found a local spirits chain called Specs that had a great selection and was able to order a few bottles of the wine Jane had gotten as a gift from Matt, the owner of Pine Acres RV when we bought the rig. They ordered it and had it in for her in a couple days.img_4646

On Tuesday, 11/15 we took a ride over to Livingston and checked out the Escapees RV club home and headquarters. We did get a mini tour of the office and the big mail facility that receives mail for over 10,000 members and forwards it to them on the road. (More to come)