It’s cold back in Maine and (finally) in our fridge too!

As you might have noted in a previous post… We had been without our regular freezer since about November 30th. At Newmar’s suggestion, we took it to Freedom RV in Tucson as they claimed they had a local guy who would repair it in 2-3 business days. The failed cooling unit was removed on December 13th but it still was not ready by December 23rd and they closed up shop from the 24th-27th and we needed to be in Phoenix on 12/26 so we didn’t get back to Tucson to have the repaired unit installed until 1/11/17. The good news is, it seems to be working. Fingers crossed as we break in the repaired unit. But, really nice not to have to go outside to our slide out chest fridge in the basement every time we need something from the fridge!  (That got really old on cold mornings…).

The cooling unit from the back of the fridge, ready to re-install.
Out tech Aaron (left) and another tech getting the cooling unit re-installed on the back of the fridge before putting it back in the hole behind Aaron.
Our remote fridge (bottom) and freezer (top) sensors. A cool gadget our friends Brad & Piper showed us to monitor these temperamental Norcold (Notcold) refridgerator units.

On 12/26 we arrived in Tolleson AZ at Freightliner. Jane flew out early 12/27 for a week or so in Maine to visit with our daughter and her family and friends. We had scheduled an appointment there back in November to have the chassis serviced, oil changed and the failed heater core diagnosed and bypassed way back in NC replaced. the repairs were done in a couple days and happy to say we can now defrost the windshield again if need be. When we ran into 21F and snow back in TX, we had to run the generator going down the road so we could run our electric heater and use a fan to blow it onto the windshield, but by the end of that day we were in NM and 60F+.

Our overnight spot at Freightliner at Tolleson, AZ (west side of Phoenix). 7 RV sites with full hookups for customers, a dog run and covered picnic area with BBQ!

When the guys put the fridge back together, they also help me drill a hole in the roof into the cabinet over the passenger door to bring in wires from 3 new antennas for the roof. 2 Antennas for our Verizon jetpack (used for internet data when no wifi available), and 1 antenna sitting on the top of our TV antenna to pull in free wifi from as far away as a mile or more. It’s called a Wifi Ranger and helps us get free wifi with a better signal when available.

The 2 cell antennas behind the horns along with the Wifi Ranger antenna protruding above the TV wing.
While at Freedom RV, Aaron, one of the techs there helped me with some antenna installs. The wing is the HD TV antenna, and the little black antenna on metal square is one of 2 cellular antennas to enhance reception for our Verizon Jetpack.

So in the past few weeks we had a new windshield, fixed the leveling system dump valve, the fridge, the entry stairs, a heat circulator pump for zone one of our coach heat, and heater core for cab heat while driving as well as chassis service. Michael, Doug, Julie, Clyde and I plan to go to the Barrett-Jackson car auction in Scottsdale on 1/16 and we’ll be heading to Quartzsite 1/20 for the big “gathering in the desert” which can bring over 100,000 RV’s… Michael & Kathy plan to go up with us and we look forward to seeing our good friends David & Jo Dains there, as well as perhaps Marc & Julie Bennett of .  After quartzsite, some time north of Phoenix and hope to see the Grand Canyon and  perhaps Sedona.