Got internet?

Just a quick update for those at home keeping track… We’re at Gettysburg Farm RV park in Dover PA. We’ve spent a day touring Lancaster area, and another at the National Gettysburg historic site and some local touring including Harley Davidson factory in York.  We’ve also enjoyed visiting with some new friends Bob & Denise who have been full timing in an RV since 2001! And our friends Richard and Margo Page who we met in Bar Harbor and saw again at our last campground came in here for 2 days and parked beside us. We all went out to dinner last night with another friend of Richard & Margo’s who is solo in her class C RV and from Maine!

There is pay Wifi here but by all accounts (including management here) it stinks. So we didn’t get it and are trying to make sure our cell data plan will last us to the next cycle. We head for Edinburg VA on 10/20 and the campground there is reported to have some fast wifi, so we’ll try to do some updating and play catch up this coming weekend. In the meanwhile, we’ve booked a few more stops ahead including a stop in Florida to check on some family property after hurricane Matthew. Here’s the schedule for the next several weeks as we cover some miles to get south:

Gettysburg Farm (Dover, PA) until 10/20
10/20-10/24 Creekside CG, Edinburg, VA
10/24/25 Fort Chiswell CG, Max Meadows, VA
10/25-26 Carolina Landing RV, Fair Play, SC
10/26-27 Twin Oaks RV Park, Elko, GA
10/27-11/1 TT Three Flags, Wildwood FL
11/1-4 Topsail Hill Preserve, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
11/6-20 Lake Conroe, Willis, TX
11/20-22 Colorado river, Columbus, TX
11/22-Dec 4  Medina Lake, Lakehills TX

That’s it for now… More updates soon